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The building contract must be differentiated from the so-called building contract. The construction contract is characterized in that the building contractor performs his services on the property or on the property of the customer. The developer, on the other hand, sells a total service from the building and the property.

In one step, the buyer / purchaser is later given ownership of the property and the structure. Since the property developer contract is a mixture of a purchase and work contract and the object of purchase regularly covers a plot of land, the normally form-free construction contract is subject to notarial certification in this case. Furthermore, the construction contract is to be distinguished from the construction supervision contract and the architect contract already mentioned. The latter includes the planning services for the building as a separate work contract.

The construction contract and the construction defects
The courts deal with legal disputes about construction defects on a daily basis. Only a few construction projects are completed without legal differences and notifications of defects. The complexity of such disputes often results in lengthy, expensive procedures due to difficult factual issues that need to be clarified by an expert in Bodrum Turkey for the foreign clients such as British, English, United Kingdom, Irish, Belgian, Netherland, French, Russian, Austrian, Saudi Arabian, Afghan, Syrian, Algerian, Australian, Azerbaijani, Canadian, Danish, Egyptian, Greek, Indonesian, Iranian citizens residing in Yahşi, Bitez, Konacık, Göltürkbükü, Gündoğan, Gümüşlük, Güvercinlik, Güllük, Boğaziçi or Tuzla.

On the part of the medium-sized building contractor, the problem of withheld work wages is not infrequently threatening the existence due to actual or alleged construction defects. The decisive element for the position of the building contract parties in relation to one another in the event of a dispute is the drafting of the building contract. The labor contract law in the Turkish Civil Code only provides a legal framework for this, which should be supplemented by further agreements in order to do justice to both parties. The more carefully work is done before the contract is concluded, the more precisely the building specifications, plans and payment agreements are drawn up, the greater the chance that the construction process will be concluded without any complaints.

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