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The Legal Basis of Inheritance Law in Bodrum Turkey

Inheritance law is regulated in particular by the Turkish Civil Code. This provides that the property of a deceased person is automatically transferred to the closest relatives, such as the children. If there is a spouse, half of them inherit, the other half is divided equally among the children. In the case of legal succession as well as wills, a community of heirs is created if there are several heirs. The latter must deal with the inheritance and divide it among themselves, unless otherwise stated in the will. If real estate or things that are difficult to divide are inherited, they can either be sold and the profit divided between the heirs, or one heir buys the other heirs from their respective inheritance. Shares in companies can also be inherited. In this case, the named heir automatically takes over the shareholder position of the deceased. The same rules apply to heirs abroad.

Important Regulations of the Inheritance Law in Bodrum Turkey

Inheritance law provides that a descendant can be excluded from the inheritance. According to the related provisions of the Turkish Civil Code, this is possible if the heir has tried to kill the testator or has actually killed the testator or has prevented him from making a will. In addition, heirs who have made themselves punishable for certain acts of the Criminal Code can be excluded. Heirs who were not excluded from the inheritance and were not mentioned in the will can claim a mandatory share, the compulsory portion amounts to half of the statutory portion of the inheritance according to the related provisions of the Turkish Civil Code. An inheritance tax is generally due. An exception is the takeover of companies, provided that these are continued for a certain period and are not sold. A heir can reject his inherited asset positions through a loft.

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