Counselor-At-Law in Bodrum

Bodrum Legal Attorneys may provide training services for partners and managers of client companies when needed. Services are provided for the purpose of informing the management and employees of the company about the legal issues and responsibilities of the New Turkish Commercial Code, the New Turkish Code of Obligations and Labor Law, and worker health and safety regulations, managing the companies in accordance with the legislation and supervising the transactions in this direction.

Societies in Bodrum Turkey

Company law deals generally with the law of private associations. Company law provisions play an important role for companies; for example, when buying a company, the company succession or the founding of a company, because mostly it concerns questions of the legal form. In Turkey, company law is not regulated in a single law, but is shaped by various legal sources. The related regulations of the Turkish Civil Code contains fundamental regulations on society, the individual corporate and legal forms are regulated in the Turkish Civil Code, Turkish Commercial Code and other special laws. A society emerges, the contractual association of several people, for a legally permissible common purpose and by mutual commitment to promote this purpose. Within this general definition, a distinction is made between partnerships and corporations. Partnerships do not have their own legal personality. Corporations, on the other hand, are legal entities that take part in legal transactions independently. Depending on the type of company, there are differentiated rights and obligations for the shareholders. Important differences concern, for example, liability, managerial authority, participation and control rights. Companies that operate a trade are referred to as trading companies.

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