Bodrum Power of Attorneys Procedures

SELLING (REAL ESTATE) IMMOVABLE PROPERTY: to sell all my possessed or will be possessed real estate/ immovable properties henceforward under no circumstances to elsewhere, at any time and for any price and that he meets the conditions on behalf of you, to natural person or legal and corporate bodies, completely or in parts, with a share or without a share, via mortgage or without mortgage, distrained or without attachment and garnishment,(to collect and receive), to compromise and release,
to accept the transfer before the director of the responsible land registration office (deed office) or before a relevant authority, to demand (request) a registration, to sign the title book, their registration and documentation, to arrange/do and sign PRELIMINARY CONTRACTS FOR SALE at notary offices, to determine/get the conditions of contracts and penal conditions however he wants, when needed to cancel/annul the written contract, to do changes/amendments, to allow and authorize regarding the annotation/note for the official title and property register, to cancel the annotation, to hand over and deliver the possession and usufruct right of the immovable property to the buyer, to have the type classification done, to have all kinds of errors at the land registration and register corrected by the official way, to sign the documents, to give declarations to authorized official and public authorities related to the immovable property, to pay all kinds of duties, dues, taxes and expenditures, to object / oppose for the excessive payments, to exercise and sign all kinds of legal and private transactions (processes) at all official and public authorities related to the above stated issues,

to sell the immovable possessed and owned or will be owned by our company within the borders of Turkish Republic together with all their outlying to whom he wants with the value and conditions he want, in bulk or in pieces, with shares or without shares, with mortgage or without mortgage, to install mortgage on these immovable in favour of all banks within the borders of Turkish Republic and of other third persons with the value and conditions he wants and with the degree he wants or to take advantage with free degree, to undersign all kind of contracts regarding the sales with all banks within the border of Turkish Republic, to get into debt regarding these contracts, to get sales amounts, to cash, to move a resolution in presence of the land registration or authorized land register officer, to request a registration,
SPECIMEN SIGNATURE Sworn Clerk HALİL GÖKÇE on behalf of the

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