Bodrum Power of Attorneys Procedure

The sample of a General Power of Attorney for All Transactions from all world languages to Turkish or Turkish to all world languages translated by Bodrum Sworn Translation and Interpreting Services is as follows;


Document No. 00000
SAMPLE April 00, 2000

The second day of the month april of the year two thousand and eleven. 02.04.2012
I, whose signature and stamp is below, as the chief clerk HALİL GÖKÇE on behalf of the 5th NOTARY PUBLIC HANDAN KARASU, while I was working in my office/bureau located at ATATÜRK BULVARI NO: 10/B KONACIK BODRUM, GIVEN NAME & SURNAME son of Ahmet and Asiye born in Vakfıkebir on 01.12.1946 acting as the representative of NAME OF THE INCORPORATED COMPANY, who is registered at the province of Trabzon, borough of Bodrum, village/quarter of Kumbahçe with the volume no. 00, family no. 00 and order no. 00 according to the identity card with photo, which was issued by Eyüp Birth Registration Office on 00.00.2000 with the registry no. 14000, serial number A00 and registry number 000607 and who is literate and claims to live at XXXXXX MERKEZ MAH. XXXXX SK. 00 BODRUM/MUĞLA, whose ID number is 00077400000, due to his work intensity we have gone and he requested to issue a power of attorney.

As I recognize him with the above written documentation, I understood that he is able to perform this transaction and is literate.

Therefore GIVEN NAME SURNAME acting as the representative of NAME OF THE INCORPORATED COMPANY started to explain in this way that;
I do hereby appoint jointly and severally GIVEN NAME MIDDLE NAME SURNAME son of NAME and NAME born on 00.00.1900 with his ID number 00005467000 as my representative;
BUYING (REAL ESTATE) IMMOVABLE PROPERTY: to buy all kinds real estate/ immovable properties from elsewhere, at any time and for any price and that he meets the conditions on behalf of you, from natural person or legal and corporate bodies, with a share or without a share, with or without public improvements/zoning, via mortgage or without mortgage, with or without attachment and garnishment, with or without encumbrance/limitation, to pay the sale price, to accept the transfer before the director of the responsible land registration office (deed office) or before a relevant authority, to sign the title deed, their registration and other relevant documents, to demand (request) a registration, to get (take) the title deeds of your immovable property, to buy immovable properties on behalf of you via the (COMMITMENT OF THE SALE OF THE REAL PROPERTIES) when needed in order to sign and arrange/issue the written contracts at the notary offices which include the certain/demanded terms and conditions, to annul the contracts when needed, to get the real estate registry annotated, to pay all kinds of costs and expenses, to withdraw the amount to be returned, when needed to accept offerings(benefications) related your immovable property in favor of you, to sign the title book and their registration, to give declarations and petitions, also to protect your rights and interests/benefits related to these immovable properties, to instigate all kinds of written warnings, to exercise and sign all kinds of legal and private transactions (processes) at all official and public authorities related to the above stated issues,

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