Bodrum Power of Attorney Formality

to undersign the land registry book and registration and documents, to make preliminary contracts for sale and to undersign, to fix the contract conditions as he wants, to accept, and to cancel when necessary, to amend, to give authorization and approval regarding commentary at the land registry, to cancel the commentary, to transfer and deliver the rights of use and disposal of the immovable to the buyer and also; to make the amendments of the name and title at the registration of all immovable possessed and owned or will be owned by our company within the border of Turkish Republic at the relating Directorates of Land Registry, Directorates and Offices of the Cadastres, Municipalities, Housing Offices, Technology Offices, Property Tax Offices, Traffic Offices and Branches, Trade Chamber Offices and at all other establishments and official and private offices, to request the registration, to undersign the relating all official documents in the name of our company, to request and to take over all kind of official bill and deed and all kind of documents in the name of our company, to undersign the relating documents, to transfer the relating tax, fee and charges.

TO LET AND TO TAKE ON HIRE: to rent parts or wholes or of all immovable, he wants, which we possess and will possess in the borders of Turkish Republic with the values and conditions he wants to persons he wants, to act contracts with the renters, to prolong, renew and cancel these contracts, to put new renters in place of old renters, to cash the processed and will be process rent amounts, to release the rent receipts, to solve all kind of discrepancies with the renters, to mark and register the contracts to the land registry, to release when necessary, to apply the meetings with all apartment and floor owners, to speak, to get decisions, to object, to undersign the decision book, to be selected as manager, to resign, to send official warning, acquittance and protest to the renter, to give response, to give and receive notices and to rent all kind of immovable in the borders of Turkish Republic when he wants to him he wants with values and conditions he wants and with periods he wants, to pay the rent amounts, to act and sign the rent contracts, when necessary to cancel, to sign the cancellation bills, to undertake discharge committal in our name and in short to represent our company with full authorization and also;

To rent all kind of treasury and forest land in the name of our company with values and conditions he wants for the periods and time he wants, to appoint, fix and accept the conditions, the pay the rent amounts, to issue and sign all kind of preapproval and firm commitment bills relating the lands, in short to represent me this regarding with full authorization, to pay all kind of caution, to get back, to sign the delivery and receipts, to give documents by hand, to sign petition and other documents, to cancel the contracts, to act new contracts, sign and let be legalized.

to rent in the name of our company from persons he wants, with amounts and conditions he wants, all kind of immovable, motorized land vehicles, all kind of work machinery and sea vehicles with values and conditions he wants and with periods he wants, to sign the rent contracts, attachments and amendments, to pay the rent amounts, to undertake discharge committals, sign, to get release, to response the official warning, release and protest

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