Bodrum Power of Attorney Formalities

MORTGAGE: in order to establish guarantee for all kind of in ram and in cash credits our company and third persons or get and will get from third persons requested from the companies, from the companies, banks, leasing, companies or official and private offices, to install and register for the parts or wholes he wants of all kind of immovable, our company owns and shares or will own in the border of
Turkish Republic in favour of private and legal persons, all banks, all kind of companies and relating offices with due dates, degree, value, raw and conditions or when he wants with free degree resign seizure and to get credits and all kind of debts by mortgage or to show in exchange of our said immovable, to cash, to pay these before and after due dates or become indebted again by increasing their amounts, when necessary to prolong the due dates, to enlarge, to act as common and solidary surety because of the debt with other shareholders to us, to draw up a mortgage statement at the land registry, to renew them, to listen the release statements ,and to accept them, to establish and register all kind of mortgage, guarantee mortgage incident by sharing the construction costs, to accept them in presence of register officer, when necessary to decrease, to give approvals, to except the mortgage shares out of mortgage, to collect the receivables relating of all current and future mortgages, to cash, to pay the debts, to set aside the mortgages before or after due dates wholly or partly with or without value, to give set asides of mortgage,

SPECIMEN SIGNATURE Sworn Clerk NAME SURNAME on behalf of the

to amend mortgage degrees for the mortgages in or versus my favour, to act all kind of interactions, shortly to establish and register mortgage in or versus my favour, to set aside established or to be established mortgages, to establish and register mortgages for all immovable wholly or partly, which our company possesses and will possess in the border of Turkish Republic against all kind of credits, debts, guarantee letters and current and future debts received by our company or by third persons with degree, raw, amount and conditions he likes, at time and periods he like, when he wants with free degree resignation, to get mortgage values, to sign mortgage contract in the name of mine, to give related reports to directorate of land registry, when he wants to resign at free degree and to establish and register mortgage, to establish and register again mortgage by amending their periods, to prolong, to amend the degrees, to get into debts again with these degrees, to pay all kind of fees and duties, to represent with whole authorization at some directorates of land registry due to establishment and registry of the mortgages.

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