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The Divorce of Entrepreneurs and Freelancers in Bodrum Turkey

These divorce proceedings are particularly complex and involve numerous pitfalls for both parties. In the mutual interest, it is also about securing and continuing the business. To ensure this, we think strategically and tactically about the whole situation. We have special knowledge, sensitivity and a sense of proportion that go beyond family law. Such a procedure should be ended in a maximum of six months by an extrajudicial and stable agreement.

The Five Phases of a Divorce in Bodrum Turkey

Our system includes dividing a divorce into individual phases. So you always know where you are in the divorce proceedings. We accompany you with experience and expertise from the beginning to the end of the divorce process.

Phase 1 : The knowledge phase
Before we accept your mandate, we check whether your spouse has already asked for our help. If this is the case, we will not accept your order in order to avoid conflicts of interest. If you want to be sure to be represented by us, you have to commission us first. In an initial discussion, we will analyze the actual and legal current situation with you and clarify your goals.

Phase 2 : The conception phase
Together with you, we outline a process strategy that takes all your wishes into account legally and, if necessary, tax. We then optimize this proposal for you by coordinating all positions as best as possible.

Phase 3 : The implementation phase
We will send you the contract structure we have drawn up in writing as a draft. So you can help shape the contract and make requests for changes. Only after you have approved the draft contract will we send the contract structure to the other party. We constantly check whether the original framework conditions still apply. At the same time, we will tell you what costs you will have to pay. In the meantime, the opposing party has the opportunity – usually within a period of two to three weeks that we set – to accept or reject the proposals. However, it can also take up these and make its own suggestions.

Phase 4 : The negotiation phase
Now there are about two to three hours of talks with the other side. Sometimes it takes several conversations to stake out positions. If we reach an agreement with the counterparty, we first make a final verbal agreement, a kind of declaration of intent that will only take effect later. Only when we cannot reach an agreement will we suggest that you initiate legal proceedings. We explain the process, the costs and the respective risks that you have to expect. Before and not after.

Phase 5 : The implementation phase
If an agreement is reached out of court, we first fix this agreement in writing. The agreement is drawn up as a notarial deed. In the presence of both parties, the agreement is finally certified and enters into force.

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