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Architect and supervisor: Without them, nothing works in building a house
An architect is fundamentally indispensable when it comes to the construction or redesign or renovation of buildings; Without him, practically nothing works when building a house. In the first instance, he is probably the most important contact for every house builder. An architect either works as a freelancer or is employed by property developers or, for example, also prefabricated house manufacturers.

An architect plans a corresponding house individually and monitors the entire construction process up to the final official acceptance. A competent architect will then ensure that construction is carried out quickly. However, if you forego intensive consultations by an architect in advance of a construction project, you can usually expect costly and nerve-racking construction delays. In addition, the builder often does not get what he actually wants. In cases of hardship, the client then owns a demolition property.

The architect’s contract always acts as the basis for an architect’s work; In contrast, the planning concept is always the starting point for an architect’s work. This concept deals with fundamental questions of function and design, building physics and engineering, energy supply, economy and also ecology; the commissioned architect also calculates the costs. For builders who are not experts, working with an architect is extremely useful.

Alternatively, a building supervisor can also be employed, who explicitly deals with both the structural and the legal details relating to the respective house construction, but usually without having drawn up the construction plans. It should also not be left unmentioned that the involvement of architects can be useful not only when building, but also when purchasing real estate, because after all, it is mostly about high investments. Undetected defects can seriously jeopardize the expected return.

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