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A lawyer in Bodrum or anythwere in Turkey advises here what is cheaper for the parties involved. In most cases, which had to be decided in the jurisprudence on the spouse’s internal partnership, the spouses lived in the property regime of separation of property. A compensation over the gain is therefore ruled out. Only the social right to compensation remains according to the related article of the Turkish Civil Code (legal compensation claim when a partner leaves). The right to compensation arises on the day on which the cooperation actually ends, which often happens on the day of the final separation. The marriage contracts are often advisable, but not all regulations are effective. Whoever makes a marriage bond does not want to think about what would happen if the marriage broke up. However unromantic it may be, every third marriage is divorced. And the consequences of separation and divorce, which the law regulates, are anything but romantic and often not predictable. Because the legislature has rightly taken into account when drafting the family law regulations that no marriage can be compared with the other and that therefore the specific individual case is often important. Do you then seek advice from the lawyer in Bodrum Turkey as to whether and for how long If you have to pay maintenance for the partner, you usually get the answer: “It depends.”

However, if he /she does not want to conclude a marriage with the blind confidence that everything will go well and if not, then it will be seen what consequences separation and divorce will have if a marriage contract is concluded in which these consequences are specifically regulated, matched one’s own marriage and thus to the specific personal and economic circumstances of the marriage partner.

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