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Use of ATM in Bodrum Turkey

ATMs allow the money in a bank account to be used at any time. To be able to use ATMs, one must obtain a debit card or a credit card by applying to the bank which maintains their account. Certain ATM transactions may also be made without a card. The locations of ATMs can be found on internet or calling the call centers of the banks.
Certain transactions that debit card or credit card holders may perform on an ATM are as follows :
Withdrawing money up to a certain daily limit, paying power, water etc. bills,
depositing Turkish Lira units to prepaid telephone accounts, seeing the bank statement, depositing on your own account, credit card debt payment, money transfer and EFT transactions.

Although every bank has its own ATMs, certain banks operate ATMs for common use. Using the ATM of a bank which maintains one’s account is free of charge. However, charges may apply when a common ATM of another bank is used. There are a Lot of exchange offices in Turkey, where you can buy and sell various foreign currencies. Euro, Dollar, Pound and Dinar are the most common currencies held by exchange offices. All foreigners such as Lebanese citizens, New Zealand citizens, Norwegian citizens, Philippine citizens, Portuguese citizens, Spanish citizens, Swedish citizens, Swiss citizens, Tunisian citizens, Turkmen citizens, Ukrainian citizens and German citizens residing in Bitez, Konacık, Göltürkbükü, Türkbükü, Gölköy, Gündoğan, Güvercinlik, Güllük, Boğaziçi, Tuzla, Milas or Akyarlar, Gümüşlük may also convert money through banks. Foreign exchange rates may differ among banks and exchange offices. Since most banks and exchange offices are dosed at weekends, you are recommended to convert your currency on weekdays.

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