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Regarding the implementation of international legal order and national law parallel in Turkey, foreign citizens who are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey and who are living in touristic areas such as Güvercinlik, Yalıçiftlik, Mumcular, Kızılağaç, Torba, Gündoğan, Gölköy, Türkbükü, Yalıkavak, Gümüşlük, Kadıkalesi, Turgutreis, Akyarlar, Ortakent-Yahşi, Bitez, Konacık, Kıyıkışlacık, Boğaziçi, Gümbet, Güllük, Milas or Bodrum for long or short terms residence permit, has many rights and responsibilities.
With respect to the legal rights and the responsibilities of the foreigners, one of the most important key fact on the legal relationship between the persons who are not citizens of the Turkish Republic or Turkey, is certainly the residence permit or permit of residence.

The Implicit Social Contract Between Two Spouses in
Bodrum Turkey

The situation is different if the cooperation of a spouse is not subordinate but equal. In such cases, the spouses often do not conclude a contract on how to legally evaluate the work involved in setting up the company and how to distribute a profit. In such cases, the case law is based on a conclusively concluded social contract if the spouses pursue a purpose that goes beyond the realization of the matrimonial cohabitation. This is the case when the spouses work together systematically, purposefully and permanently to build up the company in order to create assets together or to secure family support, whereby the owner of the property is only one spouse, namely the business owner. The Turkish Civil Code does not only take into account the work performed by a spouse. Rather, it focuses on whether the contribution of one spouse was essential to the other’s wealth accumulation. This is also the case if a spouse has not performed any work but has made a substantial contribution in kind or in capital, e.g. by provides the premises for a company or cash for the foundation of the company. However, mere financing through bank loans or the provision of real collateral is not sufficient.

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