Aydın Residence Permits

If the foreigners who are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey would like to apply for e-residence before entering to the Republic of Turkey they have to contact the representatives in foreign countries of the Republic of Turkey. Attention: The representatives in foreign countries may recommend to issue one year visas but they are for one single entry only. As soon as the visitor of foreigners will leave our country and would like to come again to Turkey, they will find they’re not valid any more. Following primary application a residence permit can be provided for a term of 1 or 2 years and thereafter for a maximum duration of 5 years. The Immigration Authority in Aydın tend to grant 3 years of residence if you are EU or US citizen. If you can present a title deed in your name you may be granted 5 years of residency Attention: Your passport must be valid as long as the period of time you require residency for. Those who wish to extend their residence period must reapply within one month (15 days before and after the current permit’s expiry date). If you’ve had residency for more than 3 years, you can then apply for five years. The procedure from application until reception of the residence permit takes between one and two weeks. You are not supposed to leave Turkey while the application is in process. In former years you had to surrender your passport to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management in Aydın but this practice has been abolished. You may have to sign a declaration stating that you know you must not leave the Republic of Turkey before having received your residence permit.

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