Tag: Professional Translation at the Gendarmarie Command of Gündoğan

Translator at Gündoğan Gendarm Command

In case of lost passports or travel documents where customers entered into Turkey, it is needed to get / provide a record of statement shown that how, when or where was the passport or travel document lost. After the required record of statement is completed at the Gendarmarie Station Command of Gündoğan, we may help the suffered clients in order…

Translator at Gündoğan Gendarm

Bodrum Sworn Translator and Gendarmarie Translation Services is an occupational translation firm having enwiden consideration with devoir to the need to stick to tight deadlines. For this reason, as we accept the customers’ price offer, we will answer the mas soon as possible, and procure the customers with information on the definite hour and day and terms for the fulfilment…

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